Bedroom in the home occupies a very important position, is our place to rest and sleep, is a more intimate terms than the living room space. When we design for the bedroom, the owner must take into account the subjective feelings, but it is comfortable yet elegant dress. We can see from the following aspects.

1. Now many east decoration metropolis into the European style, we can artificially decorate a circular window or false door in the bed part, integrate into the European classical elements will be even more imposing and heroic.

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2. For the small size of the home, the bedroom area occupied may be small, it causes a feeling of constriction. Then we can live in one side of a sheet erected on either side of the bed, a bedside lamp placed inside. This will not only create a fantastic feeling, also from the psychological space expands bedroom range.

3. The bedroom is the main place to rest and relax, so the bed is the most central bedroom furnishings throughout. Then the other furniture or furnishings to only play the role of a foil, so as to highlight the bed dim when other furnishings, such as bedroom curtains and not designed to be fresh and elegant color publicity cumbersome.

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Curtain style should according to the style of the home, as well as the owner preferences, to add more beauty and reflect the the taste of the owner. Generally, the best transparent curtains are better, there is a sense of elegant and have some light to enter.