Some people often complain about, why the same a bathroom sink faucet, we have a bad home up so fast, while with a neighbor or a friend's house used for a long time are still bright as new do? This is clearly not a quality problem, but maintenance problems, poor maintenance easy way greatly reduce the life of the faucet, do you know why?

First, find the reason

Although tap water is pure and clean, but the taps inside the purifying device long deposition of calcium in the water, which led to the bathroom sink faucet calcification, over time, the handle will be broken.

Bathroom sink fauce

Second, how to clean

Bathroom sink faucet is made of metal material, so the works of cleaning up is very easy, but you should remember that acidic cleaners can not be used for faucets, otherwise it will corrode the faucet, severely reduced service life.

Third, can we disassemble by ourselves?

When we are using the bathroom sink faucet relatively for a long time, we would want to dismantle it down to have thorough cleaning. But at this time you should note that not all of the material can be removed, but also to ensure that there is a configuration diagram of the guidance, it is not advisable to disassemble.