First, look at the material:

Usually bathtub faucets are followed by quality grade level are: titanium alloy products, copper chrome products, chrome-plated stainless steel products, aluminum chrome products, iron chrome products and so on.

Second, look at the valve:

valve is the heart of the bathtub faucet , ceramic valve is best. Good quality products all used ceramic valve, which can wear resistance and have good sealing performance characteristics, and can be used more than 300,000 times. But the low-grade products use copper, rubber seals, life is short, but the price low.
bathtub faucets

Third, look at the finish layering

In chrome bathtub faucets, general bathtub faucet coating is 20 microns thick, a long time Material susceptible to air oxidation, and work stress copper chrome plating of 28 microns thick, its tight structure, coating evenly, bright color, smooth and delicate, long use still remain bright as new.

Fourth, look at the appearance:

Be energy with basin, bath and shower blend of style, play a finishing touch.

Fifth, look at the practical:

Import brands which is mostly used titanium or copper chrome finish, looking "color face" stiff. Engaging and sophisticated, but it is very expensive; domestic brands of copper chrome has relatively affordable price, and stainless steel chrome bathtub faucet s is cheaper.