After selecting modern bathroom sink faucet, during the probationary period should pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, and so will be more sanitary, more beautiful, more can increase the service life.

First, clean the faucet surface

When cleaning this part, it is generally required with a soft cloth dampened with cleaner and gently wipe, do not use metal objects like wire tap to wipe the surface of, of course, be careful not to hit with a hard object bumps Tap the surface.

modern bathroom sink faucet

Second, the necessary use of cleaning agents

When wiping modern bathroom sink faucet, it is to use some cleaning agents, such cleaning effect will be better. Note, however, do not use any cleaning agents with friction, and do not use cleaners containing acidic polishing abrasive agents or rough cleaner.

Third, screen cleaning

Modern bathroom sink faucet after use find out how the relatively small amount of water can be an outlet out of the screen tap gently unscrew and remove the impurities, so that the water will return to its original state.