Today, the market has all kinds of bathroom plumbing hardware accessories with variety and different functions, so that many consumers are dazzled. The most common faucets, for example, the appearance on the market of many bathroom sink faucets or less, surface sealing and good addition to the brand and price, consumers buy is difficult to truly understand the internal structure of the faucet and plug the quality of the situation. Then turn on the faucet without the spool on how to buy good quality tap it? How to maintain the faucet in daily life?

1. Look at the appearance

High quality hot taps are mostly fine processing, have metal electroplated surface finish, is close to the mirror effect, from a different perspective, reflection smooth curve.

2. Turn the handle

At the time of purchase, you can gently turn the faucet handle to observe whether the gap between the tap and switch. Usually switch seamless, easy unimpeded, good non-skid leading is quality; In addition, the observation of the faucet parts, and especially the major components of the assembly is tight.

bathroom sink faucets

3. Listen to the sound

Good faucet should be integrally molded copper casting, beat up and sound boring, if the sound is very crisp, it is made of stainless steel, the quality is of a grade worse.

4. See the mark

Regular manufacturers of faucets should be clearly written on the manufacturer's full address and contact information, the informal manufacturers of products or counterfeit products are often only a few paper label affixed on the box, most manufacturers do not address specifically, we must be careful when buying.