Towel bars are necessary product in the bathroom. People always consider the installation of towel bars during the decoration time. When people are going to buy towel bars, they may consider the quality problem and wet environment problem. So they always choose towel bars which are anti-corrosion to install in the bathroom. But do you pay attention to the screw?

Some people may suffer such problem that the towel bar in his bathroom become loose and if he pull the towel bar it turned out to be all pulled down from the wall. Then he found that the screw of the towel bar is oxidant and rust so the towel bar can not fix to the wall stable and at last effect the using of the whole towel bar.


So when you are going to choose towel bars, you'd better not only pay attention to the material of the towel bar, but also pay attention to the details of towel bar, such as screw. Only if you pay attention to these small details, your towel bars will have a long using life and become more safety.